Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to use this blog to find a great book

Four years have passed since I started this and the list of books are getting longer. Please use the headings to the left to help you find the book you will love. Some of the best were put on at the beginning. While this has users all over the world, it is aimed at students in a small junior high that I miss. I started this because I was there only half time and for the last 2 years, not at all. No money is in the budget next year, so I am still working with the younger brothers and sisters, but not my favorite students. I need those students help now. I miss hearing about the books you love and I might. While I pull books to read in the summer from junior high collection, I am missing some that I might need to add for my readers all over the world. Can you let me know any books I am missing, so I can read them next summer (I refuse to take books away  during the school year from my students). You will find my email address on the school's website. I look forward to hearing your suggestions for this book blog. Hopefully, money will be found so I can join you again.