Monday, April 21, 2014

Julia's Kitchen by Brenda Ferber

Why do I include sad books? Maybe it is because some of the best books are mostly sad, but help you learn how to handle the same problem if it ever happens to you. Or sometimes when you are junior high age, you enjoy sad books because you are glad it will never happen to you. I would not wish what happens to Cara even on my worst enemy. How can you go from being happy having a sleepover with your friend one minute to having the worst thing that could ever happen in the same night? Do you get mad at God, walk around too stunned to continue to live, or do you look for a lifeline from anywhere? Cara's Dad is no help and will not answer her questions. But finding something that makes you feel better is a start and Cara learns that doing something is better than sleepwalking through life which is her dad's choice -- or is it really her dad's choice? All I have left to say is why does the cat always get the blame when it was the human's choice?